Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lots of Changes

In the last several months, I've taken to running almost daily. Lost 20 pounds, and changed my food choices. 

I've applied and been accepted to an accounting program. I've also decided not to attend said program, and will be applying to another. 

I've taken back my life. With a little assistance, I've remembered parts of myself long buried. 

I'd forgotten how overwhelming living (versus existing) can be. It can consume you, if you're unprepared.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Requiem for a Missed Life

I often avoid this day. If today were Sunday, I would have pretended it doesn't even exist on the calendar. But, it's not.

Almost my whole life ago, it was hard. Now, it is just sad to remember. 

Mostly, I just remember all the things you've missed. All the things we will never share. It is everything

There is a little part of me that will be forever missing because you are not here. Don't fret! I am happy. I haven't always been, and it's been hard. But, I'm okay. I'm a fighter. 

I miss you. I get angry at you sometimes, but mostly I miss you. I get angry because I miss you, so don't take offense.

You have missed all the big events. You will miss many more, I am sure. It's hard to be lighthearted when a part of you is missing, when you want to share something with those who mean the most to you and they are not there. 

I am starting a new chapter in my life. It started months ago, or maybe years ago and I didn't notice. You will miss that too. You've missed so much of our lives, and I don't feel sorry for you. You made your choices. Your choices forever changed our lives, and that breaks my heart year after year you are not here. The happiest moments are a little dimmer because you are not, and will not, be there. 

We go on. It's not perfect; it never was. It just is. It is what we make it, and I have worked hard to make it good. You missed it. I don't know if you would have survived it anyway. I am stronger than you; and, for that, I thank you.

I will always miss you.
I love you.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

PTF Day 7

Last night was excruciating.

My brother brought home pizza! Pizza is one of my alternating favorite foods. But, it wasn't just pizza; it was pepperoni pan pizza!

I managed. I stole all the extra pepperoni slices and called it a day.

He ate right in front of me making all sorts of noises to inspire my envy, while I initially glared at him.

There is still pizza left, but I am victorious and I don't even want any anymore.

Polar M400 - A Review

I am going to start with "I have nothing bad to say about my Polar M400."

That being said, I have several things to say about it.

Fitbit has nothing on Polar. I know it is unfair to compare the Fitbit Flex to the Polar M400, but I will anyway. I am also going to compare it to the Fitbit ChargeHR. Comparing it to the Misfit Shine would just be an extremely low blow to Misfit, so I will abstain (I have said enough on that).

In terms of "fashion", I have to say that I have gotten many compliments on my "watch". More than a few people have said they really like it and asked me about it. Of course, only one knew what it was when I said it was from Polar. 

In terms of fit, I love it. It fits perfectly. No rashes with this one. A truly wonderful feature is the metal back panel which helps moisture evaporate and keeps the area dry. At first, I did not like the closure, but now I can't imagine not having it. To be honest, I did not like the closure because of my dislike of a similar one on the Fitbit ChargeHR. However, the Fitbit ChargeHR was a disappointment all around: fit, comfort, closure.

Battery life is exceptional. I have gone more than 3 weeks without plugging it in, when not using GPS or recording. If I do use GPS or record workouts through out the week, I have to plug it in every 6 or 7 days. It also charges rather fast. I have gone from about 20% charge to 100% in 20 minutes while I had it plugged into a car charger. 

I love that I can record my workouts, including HRM and GPS (if outside). If I use GPS, I can even "Relive" my workout on their Flow website.

The Flow website and app are another pro. I can schedule a whole month's worth of workouts with a few clicks. Then, I just have to access the calendar on the M400 to start recording the planned workout.

It does everything the other trackers do, and more. It tracks steps, distance, sleep, Calories. That's great and a lot of other trackers do the same. However, M400 does more. The M400 knows when you are laying down, sitting, standing, walking, running. It even knows when it is not being worn.

When paired with HRM (I use the PEAR HRM band) via Bluetooth, it also assigns your effort to the right category based on your heart rate; so, even if you are walking, you get credit for the higher activity level if you are exerting yourself sufficiently. In the Flow app, you see all your day at one, in a per hour pie or per category pie; no line or bar graphs here. 

The M400 also has a "Get Moving" alarm. [I don't know that's the official name, but that's what I call it.] If I spend about 60 minutes sitting or laying in place and it knows that I am not asleep, then beeps and shows "It's time to move!" on the screen. It will likely do so in a moment.

The M400 breaks down your workouts on the screen while you are recording, and gives you a summary once you save. It connects to the Flow app on your iOs device (I am not sure about Android) via Bluetooth. You can also connect it to your computer and the Flow website via a micro-USB cable. 

The port is located on the back, against your wrist when being worn, and you can connect to your computer or USB AC adapter for charging. I like to use my iPhone or Kindle AC Adapters.

So, I loved my Fitbit Flex, but, over time, I outgrew it. I was sad to say goodbye to my Fitbit tracker. I still have a Fitbit Aria, so I haven't completely divorced Fitbit. 

However, the Polar M400 has been magnificent so far. I have a few friends who use other Polar products and love them, but I was hesitant to jump in. I am so glad I did. Polar definitely knows what they are doing. If their Flow website was a little bit more input friendly, so that one could save time adding training sessions to the Diary, it would be truly awesome all around. 

That's it, folks!

Friday, April 10, 2015

PTF Day 6

I have lost 5.2 lbs.! Yay!

I noticed this morning when I put on my  new sweater; arms, shoulders, face, upper body in general. Not my boobs though; those are not going anywhere. 

The food is still delicious. I love being able to just grab what I need as I rush out in the mornings. I have been having salad with lunch and dinner. I've also been eating an afternoon snack, with the occasional one in the morning. I eat more, but have lost more weight. 

I have started adding water flavoring, which has resulted in me drinking more water while at work. I can truly say that I am enjoying this plan, and don't feel deprived at all. Before I could get in 2 liters, maybe 3. But, now, I am not struggling at all get in 4 liters while I am at work!

I have not run since Friday, because I am still dealing with the exhausting I was suffering from a few weeks ago. Though, I have gotten some truly decent sleep recently and feel much better. I think for the next several weeks, I am going to keep my running to a couple days a week, for a mile or two only.

[Okay. Enough exclamation points. It's not like I am a teenager.]

Note: I did not purchase a new upright freezer. While I may want it and it would be more convenient, there were several factors against it.

  1. We don't have the space to put it. Even if I could fit it in the one place, the breaker cannot hold the freezer, even if small, and the second refrigerator (which is not small).
  2. I can keep the meat for 14 days in the fridge, and by then I will have enough space in the freezer.
  3. It's a good incentive for my mom and grandma to stop buying for meat and use what is already in the freezers. I keep telling them: It still goes bad when frozen.
  4. It's a good incentive not to deviate from the program meals. I have in 2 occasions had home-cooked meat, but that's not really going to cause a dent on this plan of action.
  5. While I could pay for it, it was not on the budget. I really, really want to stick to the budget.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

PTF Day 3

I am really enjoying Personal Trainer Food.

Today, I had the Plain Omelet and Bacon for breakfast. I really like their omelets, but I like them with cheese; so, I put a stick of Sticksters Colby in there. :)

For lunch, I had the Fajita Chicken for Salads, with salad (not included) and green beans! It was tasty. I find that I am quite satisfied once I am done with my meal.

I am also loving the fact that I don't have to stress about cooking it. I just pack it all up at night and grab it in the morning. I also keep extras in my office to make it as easy as possible to stay on track.

I am still having a hard time meeting my water goal, but I am doing much better on that. I am also still dealing with exhaustion, from being me and life in general, but I am trying to get more sleep and not running for a while.

Monday, April 06, 2015

PTF Day 2

I started the Personal Trainer Food (PTF) program on Sunday, April 5th.

The food is delicious. I just had the Tempura Chicken Nuggets for lunch. I was sad when they were all gone. So far so good.

I have not experienced any unusual hunger or extreme hunger. It's really convenient to just be able to grab something, and to know it's healthier than buying a frozen meal at the store, or fast food.

Still excited! [Except for needing more freezer space.]

I am not going to weigh myself until 4/17/15 because I do on vacation that evening and I want to know if I gained when I get back.